Directed by:     Lucy Rioux

Assistant Director:     Cindy Turcotte

Stage Manager:     Donna Wade

House Manager:     Amanda Wade

Costume and Makeup:     Jeannine Lane

Lights and Sound:     Greg French



Randall McMurphy:     Tom Marshall

Nurse Ratched:     Meg Harvey

Chief Bromden:     Bob Witham

Billy Bibbitt:     Peter Diplock

Inmate Harding:     Ron Veno

Inmate Cheswick:     Mark Nadeau

Inmate Scanlon:     Andy Tolman

Inmate Martini:     Stan Pinnette

Inmate Ruckley:     Rob Coates

Nurse Flinn:     Page Daggett

Dr. Spivey:     Larry Hammes

Aide Turkle:     Josh Wade

Aide Warren:     Rich Howard

Aide Williams:     Dan Duniho

Technician:     Bert Dyer

Candy:     Erica Wilson

Sandy:     Lorraine O’Connor