Directed by:     Linda Duarte

Music Director:     Bob Gilbert

Producer:     Cindy Dunham



Danny Gay

Megan Record

Ginger Smith

Jeff Fairfield

Josie French

Ray Fletcher

Andy Tolman

David Marshall

Brittany Bazinet

Kathleen Brainerd

Christine Michaud

Gregor Smith

Carol Griffiths

Sarah Wheatley

Jim Wright


“As Time Goes By” – Jim Wright

“A Nightingale Sang In Barkley Square” – Christine Michaud, Brittany Bazinet, Danny Gay, Gregor Smith

“Lights Out: The Locked Room Mystery” – Jeff Fairfield, Jim Wright, Brittany Bazinet, Sarah Wheatley

“Trolley Song” – Megan Record

“Father Knows Best: Aunt Martha and the Ball Game” – Kathleen Brainerd, Jim Wright, Brittany Bazinet, Danny Gay, Sarah Wheatley, Megan Record, Ginger Smith

“Paper Doll” – Jeff Fairfield

“Bud & Lou Go Hunting” – Andy Tolman, Dave Marshall, Carol Griffiths, Ray Fletcher, Christine Michaud, Gregor Smith, Danny Gay

“5 Minute Mysteries: Murder of Mrs. Brooks” – Jim Wright, Gregor Smith, Christine Michaud, Jeff Fairfield, Ginger Smith


“Button Up Your Overcoat” – Sarah Wheatley

“Sherlock Holmes: The Musgrave Ritual” – David Marshall, Andy Tolman, Ray Fletcher, Jeff Fairfield, Jim Wright, Danny Gay, Josie French, Gregor Smith

“Makin’ Whoopie” – Andy Tolman & Ray Fletcher

“Lullaby of Broadway” – Carol Griffiths & Ginger Smith

“Fibber McGee & Molly: Fibber Tries to Learn Piano” – Andy Tolman, Kathleen Brainerd, Josie French, Ray Fletcher, Megan Record, Jim Wright, Carol Grifiths, Dave Marshal

“I Only Have Eyes For You” – Josie French

“God Bless America” – Ensemble