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Cinderella ~ The Musical


Directed by ~ Danny Gay

Assisted by ~ Amy Hamlin

Music Direction & Choreography by ~ Hannah Hanson



Cinderella - Autumn Wise

Bellagrizel - Avery Hamlin

Ettagrizel - Presley Wade

Lady Imagrizel - Addison Boisvert

Royal Page - Audrey Tucker

Fairy Godmother - Hannah Hoke

Rover - Mackenzie Barton

Prince Charming - Oliver Hamlin

King - Lydia Griswold

Queen - Audrey Blake

La Marquesa Di Roma - Ellie Rubashkin

Princess Royal of Luxembourg - Savannah Hinkley

The Duchess of London - Madelynn Hinkley

Lords and Ladies in Waiting:

Maddy Morency

Kenedy Guilmet

Braydon Griswold

Holly Gardner

Ariana Betts

Country Ella

Directed by ~ Mary Melquist



Narrator - James Wright

Ella - Lia Eagers

Hilly (twin) - Olivia Green

Billie (twin) - Leah Charland

Aunt Zilla (stepmother) - Jackie Senft

Bubba (Hunter prince) - Mia Baril

Buford - Iva Weston

Mrs. Buttermilk (Fairy G) - Avery Ouellette

Uncle Johnny - Mackenzie Barton