Directed by: Danny Gay and Mary Melquist


The Frog Prince Cast:

R1: Narrator 1 and King Jackie Senft
R2: Princess Penelope Kimball
R3: Frog/Prince Mason Chamberland
R4: Narrator 2/ Heinrich Parker Gilman


The Wizard of Oz Part 1 Cast:

R1: Narrator 1 for Dorothy Evelyn Smith
R2: Aunt Em and Witch of the North,  Phoebe Littlefield
R3: Scarecrow, Munchkin 1 Adrien Polky
R4: Birds, Lion, Wind Avery Hamlin
R5: Dorothy Haven Desrosiers
R6: Birds, Tin Woodman  Isla DeCato
R7: Uncle Henry, Birds, Munchkin 2, Wind Connor Brann
R8: Narrator 2 for Others Fiona Iyer
R9: Toto, Wind, Bells, Munchkin 3 Lydia Griswold


The Wizard of Oz Part 2 Cast:

R1: Narrator 1 for Dorothy Polly Lute
R2: Birds, Queen Mouse, Guardian Alice Lazure
R3: Scarecrow, Birds Illana Gray
R4: Lion, Birds Gaby Lazure
R5: Dorothy Ramsay Pierce
R6: Tin Woodman, birds Oliver Hamlin
R7: Birds, Farm Woman, Field Mice Audrey Tucker
R8: Oz, Field Mice Mackenzie Barton
R9: Narrator 2 for Others Lucy DeCato
R10: Toto, Bells, Wildcat Miles Gray