Written and Directed by:     Duane Glover

Music & Music Direction by:     Michael T. French

Co-producers:     Duane Glover & Lucie Glover

Assistant Director:     Chris Heckman

Stage Manager:     Linda Duarte

Choreography:     Rebecca Caron

Lighting Design:     Jeanne Fletcher

Lighting Director:     Greg French

Sound Director:     Matthew Buganza

Set Design & Construction:     David Handley & Michelle Handley

Costume Design:

Emily Trefethen

Lucie Glover

Anna Edmondson

Ann Fairchild

Lisa Patton

Michelle Handley

Make-up:     Kristina Stewart & Dania Blais

Stage Hands:

Melanie Brown

Tammy Caron

Becca Donisvitch

Harmony Lattin

House Manager:     Rich Howard

Box Office:     Jenora Schultz

Lobby Photos:     Lucie Glover

Poster and Ad Design:     David Handley

Program:     Linda Duarte



Piano:     Rebecca Caron

Keyboards:     Michelle Handley

Bass:     Tyler Jackson

Guitar:     Michael T. French

Drums:     Mike McCollett



Jabberwocky Storyteller:     Ray Fletcher

Alice:     Lisa Patton

Samantha:     Meagan Scully

Sarge Soldier:     Logan Lattin

Buck Soldier:     Levi Gouette

Hondo Soldier:     Chase Stewart

Max Soldier:     Gavin Towns

9 of Hearts:     Jessica Caron

7 of Diamonds:     Aleya Caron

8 of Clubs:     Hailey Caron

6 of Spades:     Heather Caron

3 of Hearts:     Kiya Caron

Ace of Spades:     Owen Lattin

Prezident:     Eric Lundquist

Tweedle Dee:     Christopher Allen

Tweedle Dum:     Ben Doughty

White Rabbit:     Andy Tolman

Queen of Hearts:     Kathi Ahlquist

Mad Hatter:     Gregor Smith

The White Queen:     Emily Trefethen

The Red Queen:     Jocelyn Curtis

Hilary Hedgehog:     Muriel Lattin

Hazel Hedgehog:     Sofia Donisvitch

Henry Hedgehog:     Sam Lattin

Pig Mother:     Spring Gouette

Ellie Pig:     Molly Gouette

Francis Frog:     Matt Blais

Rachel Racoon:     Jasmin Richards

Latiffa Lizard:     Whitney Lind

Monica Mouse (city):     Sarah Record

Peter Penguin:     Rich Gouette

Paula Penguin:     Lauren Mackenzie

Penny Penguin:     Kimberlee Lewis

Patty Penguin:     Jordyn Mann

Percy Penguin:     Phoebe Gouette

Owl:     Stephanie Stevens

Chef:     Michelle Young

Mary Anne Mouse (country):     Natalie Young