camp 11


Danny Gay – Director

Josie French – AD

Nancy Keneally

Ginger Smith


Cast of Characters


Luna the magical fairy- Lily

Ava the unicorn girl (half girl/half unicorn)- Maddy

Harley Cater- Robber/Villain: Harper

Gladys, the Mean Step-Mother: Riley

Sophie the 9 yr old that loves sparkles: Sophie

Ayla the magical cat: Audrey

Hermes, God of Travelers and Speed: Cohen

Gary the ninja porcupine: James

Princess Diamond: Callaway

Eliza the American Girl Doll: Lena

Megan the Magical Girl, resort manager: Izzy

Tiger, the Evil Creepy Cat: Ellie

Drusilla, the evil step-sister: Evelyn

Megan the evil step-mother: Maeve

Cute Little Girl: Isla

Spongebob Squarepants: Adrien

Spot the dalmatian: Marlee

Narrator/Officer: Danny