Directed by:     Colleen Mahan

Stage Manager :     Linda Duarte

Stage Crew:     Melanie Brown

Costumes/Choreography:     Emily Trefethen

Sound Engineer:     Jeanne Fletcher

Set Design/Construction:     Ray Fletcher

Sound Design:     Colleen Mahan

Props Mistress:     Christine Heckman

Publicity:     Colleen Mahan

Program Design:     Linda Duarte

Poster Production:     David Handley

Photography:     Duane and Lucy Glover

Box Office:     Jen Schultz

House Manager:     Rich Howard



Angel:     Evan Arbour

Mary:     Emily Trefethan

Joseph:     Duane Glover

The Man in the Gray Suit:     Tom Crutcher

Tree:     Kathi Asquith

Mary’s Brothers/3 Kings:     Jim Lattin, David Handley, Andy Tolman

The Women:     Harmony Lattin, Casey Griffin

The Girl:     Gwen Fraser

Donkey:     Logan Lattin

Cow:     Anna Bilodeau

Sheep:     Chris Dumont