Wizard of OZ

Directed by:     Christine Heckman



Narrator:     Ray Fletcher

Dorothy:     Kimberlee Lewis

Toto:     Sara St.Clair


Olivia Degan

Clarissa Estrada

Sam Schultz

Riley Fyfe

Scarecrow:     David Handley

Tin Woodman:     Chris Dumont

Cowardly Lion:     Kathi Asquith

Wicked Witch:     Emily Trefethen

Lady In Green/Auntie Em:     Cindy Dunham

Guardian of the Gate/Uncle Henry:     Andy Tolman

Good Witch of the North:     Megan Record

Good Witch of the South:     Michelle Handley


Katie Spadafora

Heather Pope

Ava Wilson

Ethan Handley

Alexa Gallant

Francis Jewell